Berkeley’s Most Attractive Desserts

Most Yummylicious Looking Mini Cake at Masse's in Berkeley

Most Yummylicious Looking Mini Cake at Masse’s in Berkeley













Check out this mini cake.  I wish I had another photograph showing off a cross section because it was just as stunning.  Masse’s Pastries in Berkeley calls this creation the Passion Fruit Dark Chocolate Cake.  Read their mouthwatering description – and please prepare a napkin to catch your drool for heavens sake:  ”Golden sponge cake, passion fruit curd, dark chocolate mousse, passion fruit mousse, wrapped in a dark chocolate band”.  Too pretty to eat yet too delicious looking to keep, we dove in with a fork right through the middle revealing three layers of cake and mousse.  Straddling between smooth creamy chocolate, mousse, cake and just right passion fruit raspberry tanginess we were teleported to a sheer state of bliss.  At Masse’s you not only get an artistic 3D canvas but also a dessert that satiates all of your senses.   When you go you may just totally forget about that diet you were on.  But life is short so dive in to the fun and delicious with full gusto.


Cafe Du Monde Mouthwatering Beignets

Cafe Du Monde Mouthwatering Beignets

Bei what??  How are you supposed to pronounce that?  When you get to New Orleans the locals will know what you’re jibbering about because just about everyone goes to Cafe Du Monde for these deliciously fried and powder sugared “donuts”.  But these babies are waaaay better than donuts and worth the calories.  And by the way you would pronounce them “bin yays” and technically they are fritters, not donuts.  Word.

New Orlean’s Juan’s Flying Burrito

Juan's Flying Burrito Mango Margarita

Juan’s Flying Burrito Mango Margarita

We humans are walking sensory banks. Essentially we are touch nodes. We receive information from every part of our being seen and unseen – eyes, ears, fingers, heart, taste buds, mind. Here are some journal entries on some of the things that have touched me in more ways than one.

When we arrived in New Orleans for the first time we didn’t really know where to go to get some good grub.  So we asked our front desk who recommended something right around the corner.  It had a line out the door and many eager patrons waiting for a seat.  I looked around the restaurant to see what people had ordered, which I think is the best way to know what to order when you’re the new kid on the block.  My eyes fixed on this beautiful display of a thirst quencher.  It was their mango margarita so plainly named.  In my mind it could justifiably be called Big Mama’s Marvelous Margarita because it was that good.